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Film Packaging Plant (Blown Film Plant)

Plastic film plants are machines that are used for plastic extrusion. Blow film plants and PP and TQ film plants are some of the commonly used plastic extrusion film plants. A wide range of products is manufactured by using plastic film plants that find a wide range of applications in the textile industry, cotton industry, homes and general packaging applications.

  • Types of plastic film plants:
  • A profusion of film plants with advanced technological features are available in the market. The main types of film plants that are greatly in demand are.

  • PP TQ film plant:
  • This type of machine is used for producing PP or polypropylene water quenched film for various applications and customized solutions.

  • Blown Film Plant:
  • Blown film plant is categorized into different parts like monolayer and multilayer blown film plants.

Film Packaging Plant
  • Features of the machine
  • On the demand of many customers, the choice differs with respect to the design, quality, cost and productivity of the machines. Maximum cost-effectiveness, increased flexibility, less time consumption, easy to operate, and less power consumption are some of the important features that a client would search for. A Film plant machine should work many hours with respect to the 100% accuracy, within time limit, and low power consumption.

    The film plant manufacturing industry responds to the requirements by manufacturing machines that are easy to install, use and have consumed less electricity with modern techniques. Customized modern technique products including options for different screw sizes are also available.

  • Application:
  • A film plant is mainly used for manufacturing products that find not only industrial and indoor utility as well. In the film plant, we used advanced technology and it is advancing day by day. This is mainly used for manufacturing plastics like agriculture pipes, packaging films, rainwear, vegetable polybags, carry bags etc. And also for packaging all types of readymade clothes, stockings, blankets, bed-spreads, sarees, table cloths, bread, cake, buns, dry-fruits, papads, wafers, nuts, popcorns, biscuits, flowers, nursery seeds etc.

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