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PVC High Speed Mixer

Infinity Group offers PVC High-Speed Mixer, which is designed for mixing usage demands of granules with pigment paste or pigment powder or different colored granules. The PVC High-Speed Mixer is used for achieving uniform blending and mixing. It is manufactured from high-grade raw materials, our PVC High-Speed Mixer is easy to maintain and operate.

These machines are mainly used by Plastic Industries mostly for compounding purposes. The plastic raw material which is used for molding polythene, nylon, etc. is usually coming in colorless form. So, this mixer is used for providing attractive colors in dry form. The PVC High Mixer blades rotate at very high speed and it is made of special grade stainless steel material. These High-Speed Mixers are designed in a simple form and can be easily cleaned for mixing other compounds of different colors.

Available In : 25 Kg & 50 Kg. in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.

PVC High Speed Mixer Machine

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